Frequently asked questions

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After you have decided on what package you would like, you can register online click here, contact our offices or download the application form from our site. We usually process orders within 24 hours, and once we have processed your order and your payment has been received our office will contact you to schedule installation date .

We do use and accept payments via debit orders and EFT payments for your convenience. 

Bank Details:

First National Bank

Account No: 628 266 874 96

Reference: your name and surname


Yes, you can!

Log into your profile here, then enter your credentials and login.

If you do not have your credentials, please contact our offices for details.

There are many reasons your Internet connection might appear slow:

1.It could be a problem with your modem or router Wi-Fi signal

2.Signal strength to your device

3.Devices on your network saturating your bandwidth

4.Slow DNS server.

5.Signal to our tower from your home

Please try the following:

1.Check if you received sms's from our office, about problems on the network or fiber

2.Check if you received emails from our office, about problems on the network and or fiber

3.Switch off your units for 10minutes or more then back on

If you have checked all and still slow, please contact us at 082 461 3054